''Slovenia - The Netherlands / 10 : 10 '' group exhibition of Dutch and Slovenian artist

Studio in Galerija Černe, Šmartinska c. 217, Ljubljana.

Odprtje v petek 13. junija ob 19.00 uri. / Opening on Friday 13th June at 19.00hrs.

Razstavo bo uradno odprl nizozemski veleposlanik v Sloveniji, nj. eks. g. Pieter Jan Langenberg. / The exhibition will be officially opened by the Dutch Ambassador in Slovenia H.E. mr. Pieter Jan Langenberg.

Avtorji: Armien Visser, Nora Baetens, Cécile van Spronsen, Claudia Gianotten, Manon Velthuizen, Marja Thijssen, Nannita van Veen, Ton Vroman, Marie-Jose van der Sandt (Center for Visual Arts GSA Hilversum members)

GSA Galerie, Langestraat 52, Hilversum, The Netherlands

Odprtje v nedeljo 08.06. ob 16.00uri / Opening on Sunday 8th June at 16.00 hrs.

Široka Huberto, Frelih Črtomir, Tonig Jože, Laibach, Logar Lojze, Sicoe Silvester-Plotajs, Stančič Zora, Vogel Nikolaj, Zakrajšek Leon, Vlachy Janez.

Razstavo bo uradno odprl slovenski veleposlanik na Nizozemskem, nj. eks. g. Roman Kirn. / The exhibition will be officially opened by the Slovenian Ambassador in The Netherlands H.E. mr. Roman Kirn.

Carla Kleekamp

Homo Luminous?

sobota, 14. junij ob 19.00 h / Saturday, 14th June at 19.00h

# Galerija 14, Prešernova c. 14, Bled


''Slovenia : The Netherlands / 10 : 10 ''

10 artists from the Studio and Gallery Černe collection will be presented on a exhibition at GSA Gallery in Hilversum while 10 members of the GSA will be exhibiting in Studio & Gallery Černe in Ljubljana.

The exhibition has set no particular demands on the content or theme of the exhibition. Therefore it was possible to present each artist with it most individual expression. The exhibitions also covers almost all fields of Visual arts; ceramics, paintings, graphics, textile-objects, video and photography.

This exchange once again emphasizes the unique yet universal language of Visual Arts. We aim to create another opportunity for the Slovenian and Dutch audience to experience a glance into artworks from a new cultural environment and establish new contacts, reflections and relationships for the participating artist themselves.


Carla Kleekamp ''Homo Luminous?''

Both in graphics as well as in the drawings of Carla Kleekamp, the line is the most important element through which she creates and expresses her ideas. Carla's work consists mainly mixed techniques: etching, watercolour painting, the Japanese paint-brush, collage, in which however the etching remains the main base.

In the '70 Carla visited an exhibition of Japanese woodcuts from the Ukiyo-ye period in the Dutch ˝Rijksmuseum˝. There she encountered a whole new speech of images: Strong expressive lines, two dimensional and balance with the emptiness. This experience strongly marked and influenced her further work. Four years of lessons from a Chinese teacher, Lai Fung and later a study trip to Japan, have been essential for her. Her work shows her close attachment to nature and animals, visualizing her concern with these, who always get the worst of it by conflicts of interest between human beings.

The last ten years, the exchange projects with her Siberian colleagues, were her most important activities which left a new notable trace on her latest works. Besides this she regularly exhibits in galleries in the Netherlands and France, where she always spends some time of the year. Common Carla’s motifs are various images of nature and animals. She is very concerned about them, as they are always drawn into human interests.

Vaak wordt ik wakker

Van zacht gesnik in de nacht

Moeder aarde huilt

Avtor: Armien Visser, Nora Baetens, Cécile van Spronsen, Claudia Gianotten, Manon Velthuizen, Marja Thijssen, Nannita van Veen, Ton Vroman, Marie-Jose van der Sandt

Naslov razstave: Art connection

Datum trajanja: Od 13.06.2014 do 30.11.2014

Lokacija: Studio in Galerija Černe, Šmartinska c. 217, Ljubljana

Telefon: +386 40 359 593