A stylish evening that combines art, lifestyle and entertainment   It all started a few years back. The spark, the idea, the brainstorming, the vision – and Art Fusion was born.

Art Fusion founders Asja Šoba and Yona Merel Černe decided to combine their passion for art and entertainment within a specific, well-defined project framework, to connect the creative scene and bring art to people in places and ways outside the standard venues and occasions.

Creating a sophisticated, exclusive place and a highly social setting for art and high-end entertainment quickly gained the attention and interest of everyone from the general public to [art?] experts, lovers and artists alike.

Art Fusion is a select art and entertainment club, a platform, an innovative approach to presenting a vast array of art, from fine art, design and fashion to film, theater, music and more.


Friday 23rd of October 2015 at 20hrs

Month of Design. Dunajska 123, Ljubljana

  Private concert
  • RAMON funky-soul-dance band (Austria, UK)
  • DJ PaSCa feat. Saxy MF (Italy, Austria)
  • Live performance Rudolf Gas (Slovenia)
  • Live Show Taja Devi (Slovenia)

ART: Tania Mendillo / Jože Tönig / PaSCa Design


Presented by Event Design, Studio in Galerija Černe and Zavod Big.

Dress code: creative chic

Space is limited. Admisson is by registration (Art fee 12 €) at

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Avtor: Event Design, Studio in Galerija Černe and Zavod Big

Naslov razstave: ArtFusion

Datum trajanja: Od 23.11.2015 do 23.10.2015

Lokacija: Month od Design, Dunajska cesta 123, Ljubljana

Telefon: +386 40 359 593


Delovni čas: Friday 23rd of October 2015 at 20hrs